From Waste to Wonder: Tottori’s “Porous Alpha”

From Waste to Wonder: Tottori’s “Porous Alpha”


From Waste to Wonder: Tottori’s “Porous Alpha” published in “Agriculture World”, the largest circulated rural family magazine and online media, published about our water-saving agriculture project.


Our foamed glass material “Porous Alpha” works as a soil amendment to improve the water retention capacity of the soil and enables to practice effective utilization of water resources for agriculture in an arid area. (Our track records are available here)

In this article, our technology is introduced as one of “Japanese agriculture technologies”.

Porous Alpha is a breakthrough in soil treatment solutions, which can reduce the consumption of water by 50% along with increasing the productivity, as stated by the company representative. The company’s earlier experiments with tomatoes and green beans, in the semi-arid area, in Morocco, Africa have shown sanguine results about the feasibility of the project.

Ms. Maki Swada, International business manager, Tottori Resource Recycling Inc. tells AgricultureWorld, “ Pulverized glass is burnt with additives such as shells and calcium carbonate in controlled temperature and environment to make soil conditioner from total waste.”

Currently the company’s only plant is situated in Japan’s Tottori prefecture, which faces the sea of Japan and has the largest sand dunes. The faculty of Agriculture of Tottori University has long been engaged in the development of technology to cultivate crops in the sandy soil and with this development in 2004, it has been gathering the support of international agencies like IOM, UNIDO along with the governmental support from Japan.

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The various pilot projects which tested the worth of Porous Alpha in diversified regions include Morocco (2015), Mauritania (2008). Located in the Horn of Africa, Somalia also retorted positive of the pilot project started in 2016. Home to a section of Amazon rainforest and Machu Picchu, Peru was also exposed to the experimentation in the year 2018. Other pilot projects aiming for soil amendment are located in India, China and Malaysia including others.

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