Water Environment Improvement Program in Asia

Water Environment Improvement Program in Asia

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Adopted by “Water Environment Improvement Model Program in Asia” of Japanese Ministry of environment


Our project “Water Environment Improvement Model Program in Asia” to treat Palm Oil Mill Effluent (“POME”) in Malaysia was accepted by the Ministry of Environment of Japan(the Ministry of Environment of Japan’s press release is published here )

Through this program, we will carry out the development and pilot test for Palm Oil Mill Effluent (“POME”) treatment system in Malaysia with foamed glass “Porous Alpha”.

POME is highly polluting wastewater if discharged directly due to its high chemical oxygen demand (COD) and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) concentration.

Porous Alpha is a foamed material produced from recycled waste glass and can be used as a microbe media growing environment.

The microbes originally present in wastewater can inhabit in the pores of Porous Alpha, and BOD and COD of the wastewater is reduced by the microbe’s decomposing the organic matter when wastewater passes through Porous Alpha.

We aim to solve these environmental issues in Malaysia by the development of inexpensive and simple treatment technology using Porous Alpha.

We continue to contribute to solve global environmental issues such as water and food safety and achieving of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) through Porous Alpha.

Palm oil industry has become one of the most important agricultural-based industries in Malaysia that produces a colossal amount of oily liquid wastewater universally named as palm oil mill effluent (POME).

Palm oil mill wastewater is produced during oil extraction processes in palm oil mill industries. POME is extremely polluting wastewater that contaminates the environment when released directly into rivers, streams or lakes devoid of treatment.

Malaysia, is the world’s second-largest palm oil producer, POME discharged in the large quantities in the process to produce palm oil occurs the issue of river water pollution, soil and air pollution.

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