Porous Alpha was present at “Sidattes”

Porous Alpha was present at “Sidattes”


Tottori Resource Recycling introduces water-saving agriculture solution with Porous Alpha at the “10ème Salon International des Dattes au Maroc”

Salon International de Dattes au Maroc
Tottori Resource Recycling Morocco S.A.R.L., TRR Japan subsidiary in Morocco showcases the water-saving solution with a multi-functional foamed glass material “Porous Alpha” in La 10ème édition Salon International de Dattes au Maroc, “Sidattes” which takes places in Erfoud, Morocco from 24th to 27th October 2019.

Under the agricultural development plan “Green Morocco Plan (Plan Maroc Vert)”, the Moroccan government is fostering palm date plantation which has high value-added.  Currently, the plantation area is estimated around 50.000ha which is expected to expand.

Date palm plantation requires huge amount of water and fertilizer. Though it depends on the varieties and the ages of trees, it is said that some varieties require 1 cubic meter of water per day per tree to produce good quality fruit.  Besides, a high volume of liquid fertilizer is required. The cost of water and fertilizers are two of the most significant cost components.

Date Palm Installation Porous Alpha
Date Palm Application

TRRM has verified its water saving solution with Porous Alpha with large scale date palm plantation in Morocco, realizing 50% watering and fertilizer for the same growth. (Photo on the left: Installation of Porous Alpha for adult date palm.

With this solution, for typical date palm plantation, if Porous Alpha is installed at the timing of new plantation, the required water and fertilizer cost can be reduced 25% including the cost of Porous Alpha. In the case of Porous Alpha application for adult trees, it is possible to reduce 2900 USD/year/ha. (See here for details of our water-saving solution)

By utilizing our technology for date palm plantation which requires significant amount of water and fertilizer for long-term, it is possible to realize cost reduction and better return on investment for farmers, the conservation of water resource and adaptation for short rainfall caused by climate change.

We continue to contribute to better profitability of farmers, through higher productivity, underground water preservation and giving support to the adaptation to climate change with our multi-functional foamed glass material “Porous Alpha”

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