Our glass recycling technology was introduced in a seminar in Lima, Peru

Our glass recycling technology was introduced in a seminar in Lima, Peru

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Tottori Resource Recycing Inc. (“TRR”) introduced our water-saving agriculture technology in the seminar “Global Food Value Chain in Central and South America(Uso de la Tecnologia japonesa en el fortalecimiento de las cadenas de valor alimentaria en America Latina: Oportunidades en el Peru)” held by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) on 20 November 2019.

In the seminar, many agriculture-related companies in Peru participated and we presented our glass foaming technology, the applied solution by our foamed glass material “Porous Alpha” for soil improvement technology and the feasibility study and experimentation of water-saving agriculture with Porous Alpha that we has carried out from last year.

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Lima, Peru - November 20, 2019

TRR has carried out a feasibility study including experimentation of water-saving agriculture with our foamed glass material, Porous Alpha, supported by JICA since March 2018. Peru has a significant agriculture sector such as asparagus production which is 2nd largest export volume in the world (2018: USCOMTRADE). However, agriculture sustainability is now concerned due to the excess usage of groundwater for agriculture in Ica where large-scale export-oriented agriculture is well developed.

Under this circumstance, by mixing “Porous Alpha”, foamed glass porous material recycled from glass waste, into the soil, TRR aims to increase the water retention capacity in the soil to reduce water consumption alongside with keeping or improving yield. This technology has been already verified in other countries such as Japan, Kenya, Mauritania, Senegal, Morocco, Somalia among others.

TRR continues the experimentation in Peru and, through the collaboration with companies and engineers in Peru, the planning of local production of Porous Alpha by using glass waste in Peru.

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