Chinese Cabbage – China

Chinese Cabbage – China

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  • Date: 10 Jan 2019

Greenhouse Chinese flowering cabbage experiment in the Chinese Northwestern region.


Chinese flowering cabbage is the main edible green vegetable in the Chinese northwestern region in winter. It is mainly produced in greenhouses.

Because it belongs to shallow root crops, it is susceptible to soil moisture and gas permeability.

Porous Alpha can increase soil water-holding capacity, improve soil physical and chemical properties, improve soil permeability, and enhance the germination rate and yield of greenhouse Flowering Chinese Cabbage. The effect was most remarkable when the application amount of P310 Porous Alpha was 30%.

Porous Alpha can significantly increase the nutrient content of vegetable core soil in the greenfield.

The application amount of Porous Alpha P310 at 30% was the most significant, increasing the content of N, P, K, and organic matter in the soil, resulting in a 36% increase in the yield of the core of Chinese cabbage as compared with the control group.

Biological analysis of soil microorganisms showed that the utilization rate of carbon source and the functional diversity of microorganisms increased after the application of Porous alpha. The correlation analysis showed that there was a positive correlation between soil microbial diversity and soil chemical properties.

In greenhouse Chinese flowering cabbage cultivation, the best results were obtained when Porous Alpha P310 was applied at 30% concentration.

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