Kiwi – China

Kiwi – China

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  • Date: 16 Jan 2018

Effects of Porous Alpha on the improvement of kiwifruit sticky heavy soil and its physiological and biochemical effects

Soil is an organic entity, which is sustained by the constant supply of organic nutrients. In recent years, the pursuit of crop yield, induced a surge in fertilizer use, while the amount of farm manure was reduced sharply, resulting in decreased organic matter content in the soil, increased soil bulk density, decreased water holding capacity in the field, acidification, and hardening, and continuous decrease of soil fertility. At the same time, the loss of chemical fertilizer also caused serious environmental pollution.

Therefore, improving the utilization ratio of soil fertilizer and fertilizer is the basis of the sustainable and healthy development of modern agriculture.

The new soil conditioner Porous Alpha used in this research can effectively improve this.

Rational application of Porous Alpha can effectively improve soil fertility, increase fruit yield and improve fruit quality. See details here