Core Technology

Core Technology

Core technology and some of the applications are patented in Japan

Patents by 2020

Porous Alpha is made by burning of mixture of pulverized glass and foaming agent

Porous Alpha is a soda-lime glass composed mainly of silicon dioxide (silica), calcium oxide and sodium oxide

Physical characteristics are as follows

Visual appearance: Achroma or light green etc.
Odor: Odorless
True density: ca 2.5 g/c m3
Size density: 0.9~1.2 g/c m3
Grain size: 50~2,000 μm ( Median 700μm)
Grain shape: Abrasive infinite shape
pH: Max. pH 10.3 or pH 7(after water washing)
Solubility: Not identified
Softening temperature: 720~730℃(unresolved)
Volatile: not identified

Porous Alpha has three uniqueness which are the base for our diversified applications


The leaching test result of Porous Alpha

Result of leaching test based on “Environmental regulation on soil contamination”, 23 Aug. 1991, Ministry of Environment

Analyzed by Tottori health association, Jan 2008

safety - Analisis-01
safety - Analisis-02