R+D projects

List of universities and collaborative research topics in and outside of Japan


GEEG (Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering Group) is a Startup Company of “Sapienza” University of Rome. The company aims to actively contribute to the scientific progress in the world of tunnels and underground excavation by developing innovative experimental procedures, to verify the properties of materials and chemical products, to monitor the technical performances, and reduce the environmental impact of the works.

GEEG is a reference structure on the experimental tests on materials and products, on the chemical treatment of soil, on the environmental studies, and in the monitoring activities in the world of tunneling.

GEEG and B2E jointly developed a Research activity to verify the effectiveness of the use of Porous Alpha material to modify the consistency of the debris generated from the excavation of soils and rocks replacing chemical additives and enhancing the reuse of these natural materials in a virtuous process of the circular economy.

The Research activities include experimental tests performed in the geotechnical laboratories of the Sapienza University of Rome specifically equipped to test the materials in conditions very similar to the real on-site ones.

Tottori University
  • Research on soil amendment for water-saving in general by Porous Alpha
  • Research on replacement of rooting media for hydroponics by Porous Alpha
  • Research on water treatment by Porous Alpha
Northwest A&F University
  • Research on yield increase through aeration and drainage capacity improvement by Porous Alpha for clay soil
  • Research on soil amendment for water saving specialized for glass in landscaping by Porous Alpha
RMIT University
  • Research on soil amendment for water saving by Porous Alpha
La Molina University
  • Research on soil amendment for water-saving for leaf vegetable production by Porous Alpha