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Inspired applications in industry, agriculture and more

As Better2Earth moves forward, we find we are being approached by many different types of industry to solve problems that have hitherto been impractical or expensive to solve, or solutions have simply not been found.

We are currently developing a wide range of ideas, innovating with partners and universities and developing products, often based on our core foamed porous technology.

An example of an application in the tunnelling industry is shown here. Other projects are in progress concerning energy, batteries, paint, automotive, oyster farming, removal of heavy metals for water and more.

Environmental and economic advantages

Our foamed porous technology has no adverse effect on the environment. When used in the soil, one application can last more than ten years, operating with the same performance for all that time. Whereas many alternatives can be costly, have a shorter life-cycle and are more complex to apply, our products are simple and easy to use. They can also be configured for a wide range of applications, conditions and soil/climate types.

The power of recycling, regenerating and re-using

According to the United Nations, the planet will be critically short of usable water by 2030. Currently, about 80% of water used in industrial and agricultural processes is simply dumped into the ground, our rivers or the sea—along with all the pollutants that have not been removed before doing so. Therefore, products that recycle, regenerate and re-use that water and essential for the future of our planet.

We also dump huge amounts of glass, simply because there have not been effective ways to recycle and re-use it. In many places, the accumulation of waste glass has become a huge problem as it cannot be simply left in landfills.

Better2Earth solves both of the above problems by recycling glass—bottle, solar panels and more—into products, which are then used to recycle, regenerate and re-use water.

Partnerships and academic research

We work with universities throughout the world to develop new products and to make sure that any existing or new products meet local standards and that the required TRL levels are met. Many of our products have been piloted and used commercially over many years in particular environments.


Better2Earth porous products have been shown to provide many practical and economic benefits in mechanized tunnelling applications. Research carried out GEEG, a start-up company of Sapienza University of Rome has revealed that our products can effectively replace the use of super-absorbent polymers (which are difficult to dispose of and bad for the environment) that are currently used to dehydrate mud in the tunnelling process. They have the further effect of increasing the speed and efficiency of the tunnelling process, make possible the re-use of excavated soil and reduce knock-on environmental impacts.

Good for the planet,
good for humanity,
good for a sustainable future.

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