Integrating ecology and engineering
for solutions that build on
the power of nature

We conserve water in agriculture
to increase crop yields while reducing the need for water and fertilizer, simply and  economically.
We treat water and wastewater 
by extracting contaminants; to benefit climate mitigation, ocean health, population health and food security.
We improve water quality,
its use and re-usability in climate-positive and environmentally balanced ways using chemical-free nature-based solutions.
We improve air quality 
by naturally de-odorizing unpleasant and toxic gases produced by agricultural and industrial processes.
Better2Earth supports the

We are Better2Earth

A life sciences enterprise working with academic institutions and industry partners around the world, we are teams of specialists, experts and volunteers dedicated to finding ways to improve and sustain a good quality of life for all.

Our products and services are designed to address and halt the degradation of biodiversity, wildlife, ecosystems and unsafe food systems, as these are all key to climate mitigation and thus the survival of humanity.

In doing so, many productive and economic benefits are achieved. Crop yields are increased, the need for irrigation and fertilizer is reduced, safe drinking water becomes available, waste water is recovered for re-use and damaged ecosystems are regenerated - to name just a few.

Our products for soil, water and air:
making the best of our essential resources

Agriculture: Crop2Boost

Increase crop yields, use less water and fertilizer

Water Treatment: Aqua2Pure

Recover, regenerate and re-use

Odour Treatment: Air2Fresh

Remove toxic and unpleasant odours - breathe!

"Changes in climate across the regions are resulting in increased frequency of floods, droughts and uncertainty regarding water availability. Sufficient and reliable water supplies for agriculture, industry, energy, fisheries and ecosystems are NO longer dependable …"

The White House Action Plan on Global Water Security

The power of recycling, regenerating and re-using

According to the United Nations, the planet will be critically short of usable water by 2030. Currently, about 80% of water used in industrial and agricultural processes is simply dumped into the ground, our rivers or the sea—along with all the pollutants that have not been removed before doing so. Therefore, products that recycle, regenerate and re-use that water and essential for the future of our planet.

We also dump huge amounts of glass, simply because there have not been effective ways to recycle and re-use it. In many places, the accumulation of waste glass has become a huge problem as it cannot be simply left in landfills.

Better2Earth solves both of the above problems by recycling glass—bottle, solar panels and more—into products, which are then used to recycle, regenerate and re-use water without any adverse effect on the environment.

Technology working with nature: enhancing lives and protecting the environment - profitably

Governments and industry can no longer ignore the looming water crisis that has been reported both by the United Nations and countless reports on the subject. Impending restrictions on water use and the growing shortages of available, usable water require us to find better ways to conserve, regenerate and re-use water. It is not only necessary for environmental and humanitarian reasons, but it also makes good business sense.
Better2Earth are working with several industries, and are researching through academic and professional institutions, to find creative ways to solve these problems, economically and sustainably.
Any industry that uses water in any way could benefit from Better2Earth systems that promote re-use and usage reduction, reduction and even arresting of environmental damage and potential recovery of elements before they are disposed of unnecessarily. 

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