Promoting healthier seedlings, reducing crop mortality,
increasing yield

Crop2Boost is a water-saving medium that promotes increased plant growth and improves aeration of the soil. It is a neutral substrate, not a soil amendment, so it is suitable for a wide range of applications and can be easier to meet any specifications required for, for instance, organic growers. It can be easily mixed into any substrate by machine or manually.

By optimizing water retention and infiltration in the soil, while reducing fertilizer usage, Crop2Boost can substantially increase productivity and profitability and provides many benefits that many alternative products lack.

Peat moss, for instance, is acidic and it loses its water retention properties when it dries; and fragmented pet moss has a limited permeation capacity, further limiting its effectiveness. Crop2Boost retains its capacity for water retention for a period in excess of 10 years, and there is no need to adjust the pH of the soil.

Healthier seedlings

In controlled tests using the same irrigation, substrate and other conditions, Crop2Boost promoted health in seedlings and reduced mortality by 16%.

Improved irrigation efficiency and increased yields

Crop2Boost increases a substrate's water retention capacity, so less watering is needed. Because of the retentive structure of Crop2Boost in the rooting area, less water is lost to drainage and evaporation, making irrigation more efficient. Crop2Boost can be used with conventional substrates as well as soilless media. It promotes better rooting in all cases and improves plant yield and health.

Reducing water volumes and costs

Grass growth on lawn tests has been shown to be equal to or even greater, using 25 - 50% less water than a control that did not contain Crop2Boost.

Increasing life in transportation and storage

Transported plants can be subjected to delays and periods when unsold plants are on display. They may be particularly vulnerable during transportation or at ports, when it may not be possible to water them regularly. The addition of Crop2Boost in the substrate can significantly prolong a plant's life and help maintain it as an attractive item for sale.


When applied to growing blueberries, Crop2Boost increased water retention capacity in the substrate used for better irrigation efficiency. With the same irrigation as before Crop2Boost was introduced, the yield was increased by 15%.

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