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Who we are

Better2Earth (B2E) exists to find ways to improve the quality of life by providing products and services that have a positive impact on communities and the environment.

With a primary focus on nature-based solutions worldwide that overcome issues of water quality, efficient use and re-use, B2E is constantly discovering additional applications for their products, as well as planet-friendly processes and services that solve industry and agriculture problems in new and better ways.

B2E Group is a Profit-Making Corporate entity with Articles that also include the Social Enterprise model and those that allow it shortly become a 'B' Corp.

Wherever B2E operates in the world, a new B2E Company is created with local trusted partners to build, where necessary, production plants and to promote B2E Group products.

At least 50% of the group net profit will be given to a foundation (currently being created), which will ensure those distributable profits and donations are used for the benefit of stakeholders and community projects wherever B2E Group is trading.

B2E Group is fully committed to fair tax, fair and equal pay and equality of opportunity.

For humanity to be truly healthy, we must put NATURE first, then balance our economic goals and objectives within the context of healthy environmental decisions.

Thus far, too many poor decisions based on short-term economic thinking have led to many problems worldwide that we are now being forced to address.

How we manage soil, water and air is integral to climate, ocean and population health. These in turn directly effect food security, peace, justice, education, well-being, environmental impact, inequality, opportunity for decent work and economic growth.

Henrique Miranda
Founder, Better2Earth Group

Meet the team

Head of Engineering and Research 

Henrique Miranda

Head of Business Development 

Michael Grimsdale

Relationship Management

Kirsty Buchanan

Head of Marketing & Communications

Lewis Evans

Business Development EMEA

Phil Gordon

Financial & Fundraising

Paul Sheppard

Business Development


Lalith Gunaratne


Pamela Retseck

Business Development Americas

Dan ONeill

Circular Economy 'Pollinator'

Mariana Pinto e Costa

Founder of TealCo

Hanna Temple

Professor of Public Health

Lindonne Telesford

Group Development

Nora Tawfiq

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