Maintenance-free wastewater treatment systems

We provide nature-based, decentralized, small-scale system solutions based on microbial food webs. We promote practical on-site water reuse, water retention and recharging of groundwater with many added values such as an increased biodiversity.

As we follow functional principles of natural ecosystems, the designed solutions are naturally free from problems such as waste or excessive organic sludge. Because of this, our solutions normally do not require maintenance.

This closed-loop wastewater treatment solution is scalable and self-sustaining

Designed for onsite treatment of wastewater and reuse of regenerated water, the system replaces linear use of water resources with a circular closed-loop systems that imitates nature.

These plant-microbial systems are based on scientific knowledge of functional interactions in natural food webs.  They consist of two compact circular modules representing aerobic and anaerobic treatment conditions. Enhanced processes and functions of the systems imitate energy flow in unspoiled aquatic ecosystems. When properly operated and free from man-made solids, the systems are free from sludge or any other organic waste and can operate in any climatic conditions.

Our circular small-scale systems are designed to accelerate biological treatment of wastewater.  They provide numerous opportunities for water retention, reuse and recharging (3R).  The key to cost-effective and efficient treatment of any type of wastewater is in the use of the local microbiome, transplanted parts of the natural ecosystem and bio-augmentation by pollutant-specific microbes.

Such restorative systems create local water security.  They enrich biological diversity, ecosystem resilience, as well as reduce demand for municipal water supply.  

We offer:

  • Small-scale but scalable treatment of residential sewage and reuse of regenerated water
  • Closed-loop wastewater systems for small islands and remote settlements
  • Rapid hyper-thermophilic composting system for fecal sludge management, contaminated urban green waste and food waste
  • Recovery of the bio-available phosphorus from wastewater and it’s returning to cultivated land through microbial-biochar aggregates in small-scale systems
  • Farm-based recirculating aquaculture
  • Conversion of landfill leachate into living water and on-site reuse for afforestation
  • Nature-based public toilet design
  • Refurbishing shut down, conventional outdated wastewater treatment plants by applying novel biofilm carriers, hydraulics and optimizing plant-microbial processes

The system solutions we offer are living tools for applied circular economy, away from linear use of water and the centralised sewer systems.

There are many benefits of a small-scale but scalable treatment system. It can reduce the discharge of pollutants and replenish the local aquifer, restore natural watershed flow and functions. It can be used as a biological barrier for nutrients or pollutants in an agricultural drainage. It can be part of the blue-green infrastructure. At the same time, it will contribute to water-food security and increase local biodiversity.

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