Air2Fresh Deodorizing System

7 times the removal capacity of conventional industrial deodorizing systems

Air2Fresh is a malodour removal medium that contains porous recycled and foamed glass that makes it possible to remove bad odours that could not be removed previously, using other media.

When malodorous gas, such as ammonia or hydrogen sulfide, is passed through the glass substrate with innumerable fine pores, the microorganisms that have settled in the pores, decompose and deodorize.

Since microorganisms are fixed in Air2Fresh at a high concentration, the removal capacity is increased up to 7 times, compared with conventional industrial deodorizing systems.

Air2Fresh can also be used as a replacement base material for existing biological deodorizing equipment.

In addition, since only a small amount of base material is needed, and that can be stacked to a high height, the installation area can be reduced to 1/4 to 1/8 compared to general microbial deodorization systems.

Low operating cost

There is no need to replace the base material for a long period of time, (typically more than 15 years) and the electricity bill can be cut by about 50% compared to conventional microbial deodorization.

Since the operating cost is low, the investment can be recovered in a short period of time.

Limitless applications

Air2Fresh also provides economical and enviroment-positive odour removal in industries such as food manufacturing, food processing, kitchen waste disposal, hotels, restaurants, feed manufacturing and composting facilities.

Air2Fresh is a product that uses Porous Alpha technology. It can replace the base material in existing deodorizing plants, providing a low-cost alternative for the efficient removal of, for example, ammonium, methylmercaptan, hydrogen sulphide and trimethalymine.


More than 50% of complaints about livestock barns are due to odours that emanate from them. With good reason, as those odours can contain elements, such as ammonium, that are harmful to health and are, at the very least, unpleasant.

Air2Fresh has been shown to remove up to 99% of ammonium, 100% of hydrogen sulphide and 100% of trimethalymine from a poultry farm with 30,000 birds - much to the relief of the local community - with the product lasting more than 15 years before replacement becomes necessary. That's twice as long as traditional deodorizing materials such as rock wool.

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